For the last four months I’ve been sequestered deep in the heart of the 10gen labs among the test tubes full of bubbling primary-colored liquids, glass jars filled with mysterious biological samples, and mysteriously glowing rectangular pixilated displays. The whole time, I’ve been pressing small plastic keys in arcane sequences and muttering to myself.

Finally—after going through three lab coats, two lab assistants, and more brains than I care to remember—the lab doors are creaking open to reveal the secrets within: Ruby and Rails are now officially part of the 10gen cloud computing platform.

It’s alive! … ahem… It’s alive! … AHEMIT’S ALIIIIVVVVEEEE!

Damn. There’s never a good dramatic thunderclap around when you need one.

Actually, this announcement isn’t worth all the theatrics. Initial Ruby and Rails support has been in the SDK for a while now. This is more of a soft launch. Ruby support should be complete. Rails support does not yet include ActiveRecord. We do have an XGen::Mongo::Base class which is Mongo-specific with an awfully ActiveRecord-like API.

This launch is more of an official milestone where we are asking the community to take a look at what we’ve done and give us feedback. Please go grab the 10gen SDK and give it a try. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, either here or preferably on the 10gen mailing list. If you are in the NYC area, come to one of our hackathons.

See the Ruby Language Center page for links to documentation.