This morning I started seeing the following error on all preview pages generated by an app running on my development machine:

in http://localhost:8080/sites/1341373150.915000/public_html/layout.less

This error message isn’t caused by the application, it’s because the generated HTML uses client-side LESS to render its CSS. The LESS processing had filled up local storage, because each preview generates new storage keys due to the ever-changing timestamp part of the URL.

The solution: here’s how to manually clear your browser’s local storage of any data whose keys match a particular value:

// Clears local storage of keys that match a regular expression.
function clear_local_storage(key_regexp, keep_key=null) {
  var r = new RegExp(key_regexp);
  for (var key in localStorage) {
    if (key != keep_key && r.test(key))

A sample of its use:


Since I wrote the app that’s publishing the pages that generate this error, I’m considering making the app inject this JavaScript code into the pages to make sure that end users never see this error message.