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Portrait by Nitrozac of Geek Culture/The Joy of Tech Welcome to my skein of Web pages, featuring my Open Source projects, budding writing career, URL collections focusing on computers and music composition and performance, and my resume. If you see something out of date, please drop me a line.

I am a big advocate of Ruby, and work on a number of Open Source projects including DataVision. For a list, visit my projects page.

I've added an Emacs Tips and Tricks page. Over time, I will expand upon the list of topics there, describing each one.

My blog Shiny Things has moved to a new home. I've decided to host it elsewhere for a few reasons. First, I'd like to allow comments. Second, I'd like it to be noticed. I'm vain. The posts that are here will remain here. I haven't decided if I will copy some or all of the posts to the new location.

Contact Information

Email: jim@jimmenard.com, jim.menard@gmail.com

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These sigs are randomly chosen from my signature quotes collection. If you don't have JavaScript enabled, you won't see the signatures here, but you can still see them on the quotes collection page.

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